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Dominion Public Building

A $5.4 million contract for the repair and conservation of the tower on the Dominion Public Building in Halifax, Nova Scotia was awarded to Masontech Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia. “The project will restore the heritage character of what was once Halifax’s tallest skyscraper and extend its life well into the future.”

During the restoration process asbestos containing materials were discovered. Masontech Inc contracted EnviroBate Inc. to remove, dispose and decontaminate all identified asbestos containing materials.

Dominion Public Building - Prior to Restoration Dominion Public Building - Scaffold and tarps set up to enclose work area Dominion Public Building - Scaffold and tarps set up to enclose work area

Former Howard Johnson Hotel

This Hotel consists of a nine story tower with an attached 4 story annex equaling a total of approximately 100,000 square feet of floor space. The site is located in Halifax Nova Scotia.

The intent was to complete a full scale renovation including site work, exterior building design and full interior upgrade.

EnviroBate Inc. was retained by the owner the complete the removals of all identified hazardous material; these materials consisted of asbestos containing walls, ceilings and flooring, mould remediation on all exterior panels and lead based paint.

Former Howard Johnson's motel - 9 story tower Former Howard Johnson's motel - annex prior to new exterior finishes Former Howard Johnson's motel - tower and annex

UPEI School of Business - Marion Hall

This project consisted of the full interior renovation of an existing 25,000 square foot building known as Marion Hall as well as the construction of a new 20,000 square foot addition.

EnviroBate Inc. was retained by Marco Maritimes to complete the removal and disposal of all asbestos containing materials (wall and ceiling plaster, mechanical insulation and flooring materials) and to complete the full interior and structural demolition.

UPEI School of Business, Marion Hall - recycling and demolition bins. UPEI School of Business, Marion Hall - temporary shoring of floor slabs during demolition.